5 Innovative Ways to Brand Your Business Online

17860213_s-1Using the Internet is an excellent way to market your services and get your business’ name out into the public view. Online resources are seemingly endless and affordable, providing you with an effective way to interact with your customers for a low cost. The most successful businesses, big and small, utilize their resources to brand their business. Here are 5 innovative ways to brand your business online and create a brand culture.

Establish a web presence. The first step is to find the online platforms you want to use to promote and brand your business. It is wise to have a home base website that is simple and easy to access. You may need to pay a small yearly fee for a site address that is simple and other helpful site features. This page should have all basic information available to customers such as your hours, location, services, phone number, email and more.

Next, utilize social media which can be linked to your home webpage. Almost everyone with Internet access uses social media sites in one capacity or another. Be sure to take advantage of these free marketing opportunities. Establish pages on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, You Tube and others so that your customers can easily connect with you and learn about what is going on with your business. Just having one of these sites may not be enough. You also need to maintain them. Be sure to post on Facebook at least once a day, and “tweet” multiple times on Twitter in order to see positive branding results. In addition, use these social media platforms to connect with your customers and develop a business culture that can help improve your brand. Listen and respond to client feedback, offer promotions, inform them about relevant topics and more!

Utilize videos. Posting videos to your online platforms and your YouTube page can be an excellent branding tool. Create a video to demonstrate your products to services. This will help potential and current customers understand what you do and how they can benefit from what your business has to offer. You may also wish to provide a tour of your facility so that people know what to expect when they arrive or to see how your product is made!

Post employee profiles on your pages. Help employees and customers interact and get to know each other on a more personal level with employee spotlight pages. With employee approval and permission, provide a picture of the employee, their interests, their position and any other pertinent information. When your customers can see the faces they will be interacting with ahead of time, they will feel a more organic connection with your employees. This helps to show your customers your business cares and has a family-like environment that is welcoming and dedicated to customer and employee satisfaction. These spotlights will also ensure that your employees feel more appreciated and noticed, helping to boost morale in your business.

Finally, keep your customers in the loop. You can do this through your site and through social media, but you can also keep them filled in with classic email! Always provide an email opt-in option on your website. This way, your customers will receive notifications via email about promotions, news or deals regarding your business. Be sure to respect customers, however, since they are given you their private email address. Only send emails out for important reasons, and try to limit them to about one time each day maximum! This way they will not feel overwhelmed or bombarded with emails from your business.

Utilizing the Internet to establish your business’ brand is effective and simple if done properly. It is an excellent way to promote a sense of community between owners, employees, customers and potential customers, allowing you to open up a dialogue and inform your audience. Whether you choose to post articles on your site, utilize employee profiles, or even try guest posting for another site related to your business, you will be able to entice customers, draw in traffic, and help to expand and establish your brand effectively.

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