What is the turnaround time for orders?
5 Pack – 3 to 4 Weeks
10 Pack – 4 to 6 Weeks
20 Pack – 6 to 8 Weeks
*Your order may arrive earlier but we quote these time frames just to be safe

Can you handle bulk orders? Yes, please contact us directly to discuss the details

Do you provide discounts on bulk orders? The more guest posts your order, the higher the discount up to 25 posts. Beyond 25, the price stays at $40 per post.

What happens if a site is down or pagerank is adjusted to one or more of the blogs in my order? These factors are not within our control. Blog owners can take down their sites (although this is very rare), pagerank may change due to a search engine update, and blog owners may remodel or revise their sites. We do not provide replacement posts in any of the situations listed above.

Are the guest posts on a network of sites? Guest Post Girl does not utilize a network of sites as a means of guest post acquisition. We are constantly pitching new sites in a multitude of niches to insure that you receive the highest quality backlinks.

Will all of the placements in my order be related? While the majority of your placements will likely be related, we do not place a guarantee on any specific number of posts in your package. The majority of the time we don’t have difficulty securing related placements, but certain niches pose more of a challenge than others.

Can I promote more than 1 site per order? Yes. We allow up to 5 anchor/url combinations and you are free to use them however you like.

Do you accept gambling, pharmaceutical, or x-rated sites? Unfortunately we are not taking on these kinds of sites. They are a direct violation to Google’s terms of service and blog owners may be penalized for publishing these links.

If I decide to place another order, will my guest posts be placed on new blogs or will there be some repeats? We make sure that each domain receives new backlinks with every order.

Do you have sample guest posts that I can view? No, due to client confidentiality we don’t provide sample posts. You can also rest assured that the guest posts you purchase will never be shown or discussed with other clients.

What is included in your service? Our packages are all inclusive which means that pitching, writing, formatting, commercially safe photo selection to accompany each post, and ultimately submission is included in the price. There is a great deal of work that goes into each placement.

Am I allowed to approve the text and the websites you post on before you post? We have a large volume of clients and it would be impossible for us to get each article and website pre-approved before submission. We stand behind the quality of the written content and the websites that publish it.

How many links are allowed in each post? Each blog has their own set of guidelines for guest posting, but typically 1 link and sometimes 2 are allowed in each post.

Will the links be within the body of the post or in the byline? Again, each blog has different guidelines for guest posting so this varies.