How to Approach Guest Posting (Post Google Panda)

QualityWhen it comes to securing the links back to your website that are going to help you secure and retain a good standing with Google (and other directories), guest posting is one of the best ways to go. By providing quality content for blogs related to your industry you are doing a lot of good. First of all, you’re associating your brand with content that is interesting, entertaining, engaging, and insightful. It raises the bar on the conversation concerning your industry and helps readers to make intelligent and informed decisions. And of course, it can create a positive reputation for your company in your own industry and beyond, as well as cementing community relationships. Plus you get links. All in all, it’s an overwhelmingly positive experience. And Google Panda aims to continue the trend of excellence in all things web-related by ensuring that diverse and high-quality guest posts are the order of the day.

Adapting to Change

Change can always be a bit bumpy, but challenging yourself can only improve the way you do business and help you to stand out as an industry leader. Consumers are a finicky lot, as you probably are aware, and they’re constantly looking for the next best thing. This means that it is essential for businesses to adapt if they want to remain successful and engender brand loyalty. When you’re giving people what they want they’ll never have to look elsewhere (or if they do, they’ll come running back). So while your competitors are whining about having to change their methods, your positive, can-do attitude will put you ahead of the pack. But how can you best adapt your strategy to take advantage of the changes presented by Google Panda?

Fresh Quality Content

First you should understand what this updated algorithm does. The software is made to mimic the capabilities of human monitors, basing website ratings on overall quality as determined by speed, reliability, design, and a number of other factors. One of the criteria used to measure a quality website is the publication dates of content. So blog owners not only need fresh content to satisfy their readership, they also need to keep posting dates current in order to boost their own ranking. This works in your favor as a guest poster. However, it doesn’t mean you can phone it in with your posts. If you recycle too much information (using tired titles, keywords, and so on) it may count against you.

What Has REALLY Changed?

In truth, the Panda update has not changed the equation significantly for those that are already dedicated to providing fresh, quality content through their guest posts. The guest posting process is about a lot more than simply getting a link. It’s about reaching out to an audience of potential customers and wowing them as a way to endear new patrons to your brand, as well as forming relationships with the online community associated with your industry. And Google Panda demands a certain level of excellence that can only help to improve your outreach efforts. So start creating original content that adds to the ongoing conversation. It will do a lot more to bring prospective customers to your website and boost your business than simple linking activity could hope to deliver alone.

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