5 Simple and Effective Ways to Improve Your Blog Posts

improve_your_blog_postsWriting a blog may not be as complicated as penning posts for the New York Times, but your readership is equally sophisticated and demanding, which means you have to put some thought into the content you create. And if you’re having trouble coming up with ideas or you feel like the quality of your blog has deteriorated over time as your ideas have waned, perhaps you could use some help to improve your blog posts. Here are a few simple and effective ways to get back on track.


Give your audience what they want.

Your readership probably has ideas about what they’d like to see on your blog, and you can use this to your advantage in a couple of ways. For one thing, you could create a virtual suggestion box. Or when readers sign up for membership, include an option that allows them to include blog posts they’d like to see. You can even hold weekly polls where readers can vote to select topics they prefer from a list of possibilities. Involving your readers in the process not only ensures that they get the content they’re interested in, but it encourages them to engage with your brand. And both are important to your success.

Find the scholarly sweet spot.

You want to give your readers real and useful information, but you’re not penning a treatise. People read blogs because they fit into the fast-paced, modern lifestyle by delivering succinct information embellished with entertainment value. While they should be informative, they also need to show your wit and personality. And above all else, they can’t be overly wordy. So learn to pare down your proclivity for parsing words if you want to improve your blog posts and  keep your readership hooked.


Okay, you have your niche. Now what? If all you’re writing about is a single topic it’s no wonder you’re running out of ways to keep your blog posts interesting and entertaining. This isn’t to say that you should stray from your subject matter, but there are all kinds of ways to improve your blog posts by linking your material to current trends and adjacent industries. If, for example, you write a blog for foodies, you could talk about what celebs are eating, review related apps, and even discuss how to make a feast fit for a Game of Thrones wedding. You can find inspiration from all kinds of sources and the more you pay attention to the world around you, the more creative your blog posts will be.

Work on your intros to improve your blog posts.

If you want readers to get to the meat of your posts, you’ll have to grab their attention early on. And this means creating scintillating (yet accurate) headlines and keeping your intros short, sweet, and pointed.

Get help.

While exploring your writer’s block with a psychologist could help, you might have more luck to improve your blog posts by getting some help from other writers. By allowing guest posts on your blog you have the opportunity to infuse your feed with new ideas, new voices, and new ways of connecting with your audience. Variety is the spice of life, and it can definitely add some heat to your blog if the temperature has cooled. Whether you opt to ask your writer friends for a few pointers on how to create magnetic headlines, you let guest bloggers send you samples of their work for inclusion on your blog, or you actually hire a pro to help improve your blog posts, a little assistance can make a lot of difference.

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