STUMPED: 5 Tips to Help You Generate Amazing Blog Topics

8733143_sWhether you started your blog as a labor of love, intent on connecting with like-minded individuals, or you always intended to turn it into a money-earning enterprise based on advertising dollars (or in association with your business website), you probably discovered pretty quickly that it’s not all that easy to come up with the topical, engaging, and unique content that keeps a readership coming back for more. Even if you’re an expert in your field and you’re a truly creative type to boot, it can be difficult to find inspiration when it comes to selecting topics for your blog. Luckily, if you gain some popularity, you’ll start to notice that writers come to you asking if they can write for your blog in exchange for the recognition and readership they may gain along the way. However, you may prefer to have guest posters stick to topics you’ve approved, leaving you in the same pickle as before. So here are just a few ways to generate compelling guest post topics.

  1. Track what’s trending. One of the best ways to keep your topics compelling and timely is to use tools that help you to track the subjects that are currently trending online. Whether people are talking about health care reform, Nelson Mandela, ice storms, the Xbox One, Kate Middleton’s post-baby body, The Simpson’s: Tapped Out winter release, or the latest cat video on YouTube, you can take advantage of the optimization opportunities these keywords and phrases afford you by finding ways to insert related topics into you blog. Of course, you’ll have to do it in a way that makes sense and provides some benefit to your readers (through information, entertainment, or both). But tracking online trends could definitely help to keep you awash with ideas for guest posts.
  2. Follow industry news. You clearly want to be at the forefront of whatever is affecting your industry so that your readers don’t hear related news somewhere else first. This will require you to diligently follow news feeds and get accurate information to your guest posters as quickly as possible so that they can put their spin on stories of the day.
  3. Cross-pollinate. Creativity and innovation in the blogosphere can be difficult to come by, especially when you seem to have exhausted your personal reserves. But the trick with creativity is realizing that inspiration can come from anywhere, including media sources like movies, music, video games, and books, as well as artwork, nature, and a slew of other sources. By drawing on the things you love when it comes to entertainment, hobbies, and other pursuits, you can cross-pollinate your interests, so to speak, and get the inspiration you seek to create some truly unique article ideas.
  4. Use writing prompts. You might not immediately see how standard writing prompts like “take a favorite memory from childhood” or “imagine you wake up and the world is deserted except for you” can be made applicable to your blog, but any time you start thinking about things from a different point of view you have the opportunity for new thoughts and creative exploration. You just never know what’s going to hit home and help you come up with a great guest post topic.
  5. Take suggestions. In case you didn’t know, blogging is about building a community, which means you’re not alone. And there’s nothing wrong with asking your guest posters if they have topics in mind that they’d like to write about, or asking your readership if there are subjects they’d like you to cover. Outside help can lead to some incredible posts that you might never have come up with on your own.
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