The Benefits of Guest Posting

Whether you blog for professional or recreational purposes, there are many benefits to be gained by guest posting at other sites. Not only can it create good karma, it can enhance the blogging experience and offer numerous rewards for today‘s blogger. Before we examine further some of these benefits, let’s look at why you should consider guest posting in general.



4 Compelling reasons to guest post:

1. Because blogging is so popular and becoming increasingly competitive, guest posting should be viewed as an effective strategy to gain exposure, reach new audiences, and hone one’s voice.

2. Guest posting is a great way to “make friends and influence people.”

3. Guest posting can be financially rewarding, in that some sites actually pay for guest posts. You can identify some of these sites by doing a simple Google search.

4. Guest posting can enhance your online image.


7 Benefits of guest posting:

1. Increased traffic at your site. Blogging at other sites exposes you to new audiences and creates internal links at your site that potentially lead to greater PR ranking and greater recognition.

2. Depending upon where your post lands, (particularly the highly-ranked ones), your posts can add to your blogging credentials and even help to establish you as an “expert” among your peers.

3. Guest posting allows you to address a multitude of topics, which can build your portfolio, your knowledge base, and make you a more diverse writer and blogger.

4. Guest posting can improve your communication skills by teaching you to “write tight” and speak in a more conversational tone.

5. Guest posting is often reciprocated; which means that often times a guest poster also receives guest posts from other talented bloggers. This means more quality content, and a win-win situation for all parties involved.

6. Guest posting is a way of “supporting” the sites that you read and enjoy. Contributing content is often viewed as a vote of approval by the blog owner.

7.  Guest posting can be a great ego boost. You’ll likely find that the readers are eager with words of praise, and will post an array of questions as they perceive you to be a “go-to-guru.”


How to make your guest posting pursuit a success!

1. Always submit your best work. Remember that you “never get a second chance to make a first impression.”

2. Adhere to the guidelines posted. Not only does this optimize your chances for being featured, it shows respect for the blog owner’s time.

3. Be you-nique. Find a way to distinguish yourself from the pack–whether it’s in the topic addressed or your style of expression.

4. Check the targeted site’s archives to get a clue of what’s already been addressed, and where there might be a void.

5. Be familiar with different CMS (Content Management Systems). Some sites will expect you to upload your own posts and pictures as a guest poster. One of the most popular of these would be WordPress.

Follow these savvy tips and you’ll discover the many positive aspects of guest posting at quality sites.

About Sarah Harris

Sarah Harris (or Guest Post Girl) is one of the leading authorities in the world of guest posting. She has worked with some of the biggest brands, agencies, and industry leaders to improve their rankings and enhance their overall online presence.

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